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Free Inland Calls

We always strive to provide you with information most accurate. The cards mentioned below are being offered at no cost. You won't be asked to buy anything, or otherwise incur any obligation or charges of any kind. They may ask you, however, to supply their email address for intimation regarding product offers. We have listed, as accurately as possible, the requirements for each card. 
We have verified the accuracy of the claims of the card providers and have omitted unscrupulous offers such as those by YesFree.com or dialfreecalls.com.


  Free Phone Card Worth 50 Minutes of Domestic Calling Time Plus an Additional 50  Minutes for referring Friends, From Tel3.com.
Tel3 is a domestic long distance provider. It asks you to supply your email address and you have the option of receiving periodical special offers. You are also required to furnish your credit card number to enable them to verify whether you are a prospective customer. You can get an addtional 50 minutes by supplying your friend(s) email addresses (up to a maximum of ten addresses). Tel3 offers long distance domestic rates of 3.9 cents per minute with one week out of four free in a month (not verified by us). The week of free calls is the one with the lowest number of calls.

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